About Company

Welcome to Love God Radio premium streaming servers dedicated to christian community all around the world for affordable prices!

The World is constantly shifting from the things of God. Many people are like a ship which has been met with boisterous winds at sea and keeps tossing back and forth. The pestilence of the devil is infectious and has become a bane for many multitudes in their bid to get closer to the creator.
It is in the light of this that, LOVE GOD RADIO offers hope to Christians and Men of God in any part of the world to own their radio station to intensify the evangelism to save the perishing. This is a pure Christian entity and would welcome any Christian, Pastor, Man of God from any part of the world to preach the Gospel by helping them to own their radio station.

Once we sign you on to the LOVE GOD RADIO project, you will have exclusive right to your radio for preaching and advertisement but all programs hosted on each individuals radio should correspond with the parent theme and rational of the LOVE GOD RADIO project, which is to preach to the perishing and save souls.
We will be looking forward to hearing from you as we gear together to wear the amour of God for victory over the devil. May God bless you.

Join Love God Radio to have 30 days free trials

  • When joining Love God Radio, you have your own radio station
  • You can broadcast live from your cell phone
  • You will get your own app under Love God Radio
  • All your DJ’s can go live on your radio station from any country they are
  • All your listeners can request a song from their phone to play for them without informing the presenter
  • You can program all your Pastors, DJ’s and Presenters go live whiles you are absent
  • Come get your own online radio station to spread the word of God