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Rich Media Management

Easily Upload songs, edit metadata, preview songs and organize music from your browser.

Advanced DJ Manager

Control panel allows you to create multiple DJs for the radio. This provides a complete, all-in-one solution for setting up an Internet radio station.

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Control panel allows you to create different types of playlist schedulers.

Drag & Drop File Uploader

For the Audio files upload you don’t have to look for the FTP or SFTP clients you can easily arrange everything with the web interface. Everything managed with Drag & Drop File Uploader.

Facebook & YouTube Live

Without any desktop based encoder simply relay your Radio Station on Facebook, YouTube & from your Broadcaster Dashboard with single click and grow your Audience

Powerful Playlist Manager

Completely automate your Audio Streaming Server with our scheduled and powerful playlist manager and roadcast your Radio Station 24/7.

Time Zone

Everest Cast Pro allows you to setup time zone. Which helps to schedule the playlist as per the time zone.

Website Integration Widgets

For quick implementation in your website get different Widgets Script for your website.

Listener Requests

Let your listeners request specific songs from your playlists. Get widget for the song request for your website too.

Port 80 Proxying

This Feature enables listeners to tune in to audio streams using TCP port 80 (the port normally used for serving web pages) which may be useful for listeners who are behind restrictive firewalls that prevent access to the port numbers normally used by streaming servers.

External Schedules

Easily schedule media files which are store in remote server via the URL.

Radio Relays

Ralay Any SHOUTcast or IceCast Streaming giving streaming link in your Radio Station.

Detailed Analytics And Reports

You can Keep track of every aspect of your station’s listeners over time. View reports of each song’s impact on your listener count. You can also generate a report for radio royalties.

HTTPS Streaming (SSL Streaming Link)

Secure native (no proxy) HTTPS streaming is available on Icecast 2, Icecast KH. HTTPS streaming via proxy is available for shoutcast services.

FTP Wizard

For uploading and downloading Music Files for individual streaming account File Transfer Protocol (FTP) auto activated while creating an account. And all uploaded music available in admin panel Media Manager section schedule their media using Everest Cast’s advanced playlist scheduling system.

Playing Of An External Files

Play External Files which are stored out of your account using Media file link.

Listeners Map

Get Listeners in WordMap with Details.

Player Links

Copy and paste easy widgets Radio Players for your Radio.

Multiple Stations In One Account

From Single Broadcasting Account you can create Muntiple Station.

Multiple Encoder Types

Everest Cast Allow multiple encoders so you will be able to use according to your requirements.

Tune In Radio Support

We have created system to automatic details push system to the Tune In Radio. For this You must have Tune In Radio Details.

Multi-Channel From Single Source

Create SHOUTcast or IceCast-kh or IceCast Stream Link from Single Source.


Crossfade lets you eliminate the silence between tracks so your music never stops. When crossfading is enabled, it specifies how many seconds to the end of a track and blended into the beginning of the next track.

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Rich Media Management Easily Upload songs, edit metadata, preview songs and organize music from your browser. Advanced DJ Manager Control panel allows you to create

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